The latest advertising campaign for Baiada’s line of Steggles chicken is just downright funny.

And while this campaign is targeted for Aussies, thanks to YouTube and the Internet, you can catch it pretty well anywhere in the world. I would suggest you do.

It starts out with a mother fixing a chicken sandwich for her daughter, and leads in with the tune, “this is the song for the unsung heroes, the ones keeping our families fed.” Jen, the mother shown, is seen with a smile, thinking that she is getting a little recognition, but as the song goes on, she gets a little deflated. “It’s not for you, Jen, we know you’re a hero, but this song’s for what’s in that bread.”

Then the video moves on to a man grilling up a bunch of chicken in his back yard. Again, he at first thinks he’s being called a hero.

“It’s not for you, Dave, the master barbecuer, you do a great job, but we’re not eating you,” the song continues.

As the commercial goes on, I learned that the phrase “Karen” is not just a generic term at an unpleasant woman (even though I think we all know a few people named Karen who defy that stereotype) as a grumpy woman named Karen thinks she’s the hero. She’s not in this case. And when the jingle identifies Steggles as Australia’s favorite, she snarkily says, “Well, it’s not my favorite.”

Yash Gandhi, Steggles’ head of marketing, told Mumbrella: “We had to do something bold to cut through and reignite latent love for the Steggles brand with Aussies. This campaign is confident and cheeky, acknowledging that Aussie parents are the true heroes, but just this once Steggles chook is having its moment in the spotlight.”

I guess to some degree, it worked. After all, I’m putting it in the spotlight in this blog post. Check the video out on YouTube. It’s definitely worth a minute of your time.