A new chicken wing concept co-founded by DJ Khaled sets itself apart from other virtual brands by promising delivery by jet ski – if you’re located in Miami, that is. 

Another Wing launched as a delivery-only model earlier this month in partnership with ghost kitchen operator Reef Technology Inc., with simultaneous openings of 150 locations throughout the U.S., the UK, Canada, France and the United Arab Emirates.

In most of these locations, customers will receive their wings in cars via most major third-party delivery platforms. But, as a tribute the DJ Khaled’s hometown of Miami, the chicken wings will also be offered via jet-ski.

This announcement made me wonder what other chicken wing delivery systems are out there. Drones, of course, are currently in tests by Walmart and Amazon, although they offer a limited delivery radius. In colder locations, food delivery by cross country ski or dog sled could be fun, albeit rather chilly. Or, maybe we could bring back a version of the Pony Express for rural areas?

Another Wing’s menu features bone-in and boneless wings in seven flavors, including Un Un Un Believable Buffalo, Don't Quit Nashville Hot, You Loyal! Lemon Pepper, Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Siracha, and our signature They Don’t Want You To Win TRUFFALO, made with a luxurious combination of black truffles, parmesan, and buffalo sauce.

Celebs want in on chicken foodservice

Personally, I’m most familiar with DJ Khaled from his Geico commercials. ("Do another one" is a viral refrain in my household). However, DJ Khaled is also well-known as an Emmy award-winner producer and record executive.

“Everything I do is big,” DJ Khaled said in the press release. “My team and I are focused on launching new partnerships, new ideas and spreading love to my fans all around the world. Partnering with REEF for this launch is another new exciting venture which allows me to introduce some amazing wings, to everyone, everywhere.”

DJ Khaled isn’t the only celebrity buying into the chicken market. In October, multiplatinum recording artist Drake joined actor Samuel L. Jackson and retired NFL player Michael Strahan as an investor in Dave’s Hot Chicken, a Los Angeles-based restaurant chain specializing in Nashville hot chicken.