Happy Egg Co. donates 10,000 eggs to TikTok pasta star

The eggs were used to make 2,500 meals that were donated to a local soup kitchen.

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Courtesy Happy Egg Co.

Egg producer Happy Egg Co. donated 10,000 eggs to TikTok pasta star Ryan Peters, also known as Peters Pasta, to create 2,500 free meals for the general public.

The star’s team cracked all 10,000 eggs by hand and separated the yolks from the egg whites. The yolks were used in the pasta while the egg whites were donated as ingredients to local businesses and the shells were composted.

After cracking the eggs, the yolks were transferred into a large hanging cauldron and mixed with 550 pounds of donated flour to make 670 pounds of pasta. The whole process took 16 hours.

After the pasta was done, Peters and his team served over 235 meals at Joy's Soup Kitchen in Greenville, North Carolina. Peters said the event marked the soup kitchen's largest donation to date. Joy's Soup Kitchen will serve the rest of the donated pasta over the next few weeks.

In addition to Happy Egg Co., Peters Pasta collaborated on the project with TikTok and YouTube star MrBeast, who is well known for his philanthropic gestures.

The process was documented on Happy Egg’s, MrBeast’s and Peters Pasta’s TikTok accounts. Collectively, the videos have gained over 53 million views.

 "Being able to feed hundreds of people is priceless," stated Peters. "I didn't think we could go bigger than the last challenge where we cracked more than 4,000 eggs, but this collaboration with Happy Egg and MrBeast made it possible to feed so many more people. I'm incredibly grateful to MrBeast for helping us make a bigger impact."

Happy Egg Co. Vice President of Marketing Whitney Fortin added, "From coordinating a quick 10,000-egg shipment to identifying area food banks that can accept a donation based on their own safety and compliance standards, we're proud of how all parties were able to focus on the end goal of serving pasta to those in need. The Happy Egg, Peters Pasta and MrBeast teams worked together to find quick solutions that ultimately served hundreds of people, and that's what we are in it for.”

Social media is impactful

53 million views is pretty good exposure for Happy Egg Co. They should continue to find opportunities to do collaborations like this one. In my opinion, the audience they have the best chance marketing their specific brand to is the same audience that predominately uses TikTok.

Social media, in general, is a great way for egg producers to target the Millennial and Generation Z audiences. In 2021, American Egg Board (AEB) was able to successfully use TikTok to its advantage and promote egg consumption by partnering with TikTok influencers across the U.S. who showcased their favorite egg dishes from local restaurants.

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