World Egg Day: the perfect protein for Friday the 13th

Even though Friday the 13th is notorious for bad luck, 2023’s World Egg Day falls on the superstitious day and gives egg consumers many reasons to celebrate.

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This year’s World Egg Day theme “Eggs for a Healthy Future” falls on Friday the 13th and revolves around highlighting the nutritional benefits that egg provide, and how they can help combat nutrient deficiencies across the globe.

Eggs provide 13 (coincidental?) essential nutrients, while remaining one of the most sustainable and inexpensive animal-source proteins available. These nutrients help improve in brain development and function, promote eye and skin health, strengthen the immune system and increase bone health.

Many countries are celebrating World Egg Day this year and the International Egg Commission (IEC) has featured the details on their website. A few of them include:


Marketing, research and development company Australian Eggs is celebrating World Egg Day by encouraging country-wide digital engagement. To do so, it is asking their team members and social media influencers in the country to create 10-second films that feature themselves naming as many egg dishes as possible.

Additionally, in a collaboration with media business Mamamia, Australian Eggs plan to market the ease and versatility of egg-based meals to moms.


Independent organization Manitoba Egg Farmers plans to host a booth at the University of Manitoba that will feature its Powered by Eggs campaign and show students why they are a consumer group that can benefit from eating a versatile, nutritious and affordable protein source.

The booth will provide students with quiches, recipes and information detailing the health benefits of eggs.

Additionally, Egg Farmers of Canada is challenging Canadians’ knowledge with its Earthwise Egg Quest trivia game designed to entertain and educate consumers about the significance of eggs, farmer practices and Canada's egg industry.


An initiative called ‘L’Europa è un uovo’ (‘Europe is an Egg’) will celebrate World Egg Day with a walk that residents can join in on through the city of Turin. The walk will include stops at restaurants that serve egg-based dishes from different countries.

The message the initiative hopes to convey is that Europe can be united by the egg because it is used in many dishes across the continent. Additionally, each participant will be assigned a European country and asked to provide a traditional egg-based recipe from that country. The initiative plans to compile all the recipes into an e-book that will be available online.

I personally plan on celebrating World Egg Day with my usual two eggs for breakfast, however, maybe I will try a new recipe from Italy’s e-book soon. How will you celebrate?

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