Egg crack challenge: another TikTok trend involving eggs

Some parents have recently taken to the social media platform to participate in the trending #eggcrackchallenge.

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Broken Egg
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Another TikTok trend that involves eggs is growing quickly in popularity, but this one is getting mixed reviews from the public.

The trends, called the Egg Crack Challenge, involves parents pretending to want to cook something using shell eggs with their children. However, when they go to crack an egg, they crack it on their children’s heads and video their reaction to the surprise. In most of the videos, the kids appear to be approximately below the age of seven.

Some of the #eggcrackchallenge videos on TikTok have gained over 10 million views, and there are many others closely approaching that number.

While the trend is meant to be harmless and funny, it’s getting a large amount of pushback from the public because the children’s reactions range anywhere from anger to laughter. A few even have some profane words to say.

One news outlet called the trend “child abuse” because many of the videos show children bursting into tears after getting the egg cracked on their forehead. Fox News even covered the challenge and got psychologists involved.

According to Dr. Don Grant, National Adviser for Healthy Device Management of Newport Healthcare, tricks should not be for kids and the challenge could put your child’s trust in you at risk. "I watched it and the reactions. Any one of the kids, to agree to this — they had to be at the age of consent,” he said.

Many users who did the trend on their toddlers were forced to turn off their comments, like this one, to stop the negative comments from being posted.

I personally think the trend is harmless. Honestly, my first thought was that egg prices must not be too high for consumers anymore if they can waste them on trends like this. I know they are still using the eggs, but I do wonder how many extra eggs have been sold in the last month just to try the challenge.

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