Demolition of former Lilydale plant in Calgary begins

The land is being used to accommodate public transit system, while Lilydale parent company Sofina Foods finds a new location for poultry plant.

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The former Lilydale poultry plant in Calgary, Alberta, is being demolished.
The former Lilydale poultry plant in Calgary, Alberta, is being demolished.
Courtesy City of Alberta

The demolition of the former Lilydale poultry plant in the Ramsay neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is underway, making way for the Green Line public transit system.

Meanwhile, Sofina Foods, which operated the plant, is set to begin operations at a new plant at an industrial park about 15 kilometers away from old plant, reported CTV News.

The city and Sofina Foods have been working on a related agreement since at least 2017, when the City of Calgary announced in a press release that it wanted to purchase the land where the original plant was located to accommodate an elevated transit line.  

“We are happy to be able to remain in the Calgary area,” Michael Latifi, chairman and CEO of Sofina Foods said at the time. “As a long-term and sustainable partner, our commitment to Alberta producers remains unchanged. The new site is ideally situated to ensure a smooth transition for our producers, for our suppliers and for our employees.”

The city took possession of the former plant in January 2022 and began plans for its demolition, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, according to information on the City of Calgary website.

The plant had been a point of contention for people living in the Ramsay neighborhood because of environmental reasons, and the new location for the plant is expected to be a better fit.

Calgary officials said not all property acquired from Sofina Foods will be necessary for the Green Line. The remaining land will be used for another purpose, which has not yet been determined.

Sofina Foods acquired the Lilydale company in 2010. Other Sofina Foods subsidiaries that involve poultry are Cuddy Food Products and Janes Family Foods.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Sofina Foods has operations in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec. The company expanded its presence into Europe in 2021 with the acquisition of Eight Fifty Food Group, a pork and seafood company. 

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