Atria sets goals to combat climate change

Finish company Atria Plc set climate sustainability goals during its 2021 financial statement, released on February 15, 2022.

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Finnish company Atria Plc set climate sustainability objectives during its 2021 financial statement, released on February 15, 2022. Atria is a leading food and meat corporation that distributes primarily in Northern Europe, Estonia and Russia. 

The company intends “to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions of the entire value chain,” Atria said, with the end result being a carbon neutral food chain from processing all the way to transportation. 


Atria will work towards better transparency with their customers as its pork and chicken products will now have the carbon footprint of the product on the label. “The label on the packaging indicates the climate impact of the product throughout the production chain, converted into carbon dioxide equivalents,” Atria said. 


The company will also be converting its transports to biogas fuel trucks. “The use of environmentally friendly biogas in transport can reduce life cycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional fuels,” Atria said.


According to Atria’s environmental responsibility statement, it is also working with its producers to decrease their environmental impact. The company “provides guidance to primary producers for increasing their environmental efficiency and recommends that its contract farmers sign up to the EU’s environmental commitment.” The commitment focuses on specific actions that agricultural producers can take to mitigate their effect on the climate. These actions “include the water-intensity of production, eutrophication of water systems, acidification of soil, weakening of natural diversity and scarcity of natural resources,” Atria said.

Worker safety 

Atria also reported on the success of its Safely Home from Atria program started in 2017 which focuses on increasing occupational safety and reducing accidents at work. “In 2017, Atria's LTA (lost time accident) frequency was 41 and in 2021, it has improved to 14, a decrease of 66%,” the company reported. 


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