Fieldale Farms transitions to reusable plastic containers

Fieldale Farms has begun using a new sustainable packaging option to transport poultry products to retailers.

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Fieldale Farms has begun using a new sustainable packaging option to transport poultry products to retailers.

Developed by reusable packaging and supply chain solution provider Tosca, the reusable plastic containers (RPCs) offer a durable replacement to single-use corrugated boxes. In addition, RPCs can help reduce the amount of labor needed to manage box failures.

Tosca offers a Pilot Program that enables partners to test out RPCs in part of their supply chain before committing to a long-term contract and rolling new packaging out to their entire supply chain. Tosca worked with Fieldale to identify the perfect solution for their supply chain, running the pilot for a number of months to get it right,” Jon Kalin, CCO at Tosca, said.

“Our RPCs are made of food-grade polypropylene, a strong material designed for durability and food safety. At the end of an RPC’s life cycle (potentially hundreds of trips though the supply chain) damaged RPC are ground up to create raw material that is used to create new RPCs, continuing the cycle of reuse.”

The boxes are designed to handle heavy weights, eliminating compression and reducing damage to poultry products during transportation.

Moving toward sustainable options

Finding ways to reduce plastic packaging waste is a hot topic with consumers. In a 2019 survey from Innova Market Insights, about half of those surveyed indicated they would pay more for products from companies dedicated to reducing plastic waste.

“Consumers are increasingly focused on supporting brands that they believe are doing their part to care for the environment. Since primary packaging has grown increasingly more sustainable, a focus is turning on secondary packaging and the sustainability efforts brands are doing behind the scenes,” Kalin explained.

Transitioning to eco-conscious packaging is the next step in Fieldale Farms sustainability strategy,” Jeff Paschall, VP of Sales at Fieldale, said in a statement. 

“We recently banned foam trays from our products and the decision to use reusable containers is the obvious next step as RPCs eliminate waste and cut single use corrugated out of the supply chain entirely,” he added.

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