Survey offers insight into consumers’ protein purchases

Annual consumption survey presented at Chicken Marketing Summit offers insights into consumer purchasing trends and challenges, including alternative proteins.

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Chicken remains a popular choice for consumers’ retail and foodservice purchases with nine out of 10 U.S. adults listing chicken as a top choice for meals at home and away from home. But what influences consumers’ purchases, and how can producers make sure chicken stays at the top?

The annual Chicken Consumption Survey, sponsored by the National Chicken Council (NCC), Elanco, Meyn America, WATT Global Media and IRI, questions consumers about the most pressing topics and trends. This year’s survey focuses on what drives consumers’ purchases of protein for “center of the plate” and asked consumers about the new challengers: lab-grown meat and plant-based proteins. 

The results of the 2019 Chicken Consumption Survey will be revealed by Chris DuBois, senior vice president and principal, IRI, and Joyce Neth, vice president, director of audience development and research, WATT Global Media, in a presentation at the 2019 Chicken Marketing Summit (CMS), July 21-23, in Charleston, South Carolina.

The survey is supported with data from IRI and will offer insights for how chicken can maintain its market share against these alternative proteins. The resulting research provides a path to enhance and enforce the attributes that makes chicken the choice versus other proteins, including alternative proteins. 

What is it about chicken?

The presentation will examine the qualities consumers associate with the various proteins and identify those that can keep chicken a top choice. This approach is a departure from prior studies that detailed past purchase behavior and attitudes on a variety of issues framed from an industry perspective.

CMS attendees in past years said their interest is to understand what attributes are linked to increased purchasing/consumption across various protein types. This year’s survey asks unaided, open-ended questions to yield richer response data. This type of research relies on more detailed analysis and derived data as opposed to multiple choice questions and rankings.

DuBois joined IRI in 2011 and is the senior vice president and principal who leads sales and marketing efforts for its services that serve fresh food retailers and processors. He also leads IRI relationships with some of IRI’s largest fresh food clients as well as its relationships with industry associations. IRI is a provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help retailers and media companies to grow their businesses.

Neth is vice president, director of audience development and research, for WATT Global Media. She is responsible for creating insights for strategic decisions, audience marketing, product marketing and proprietary research using knowledge from WATT’s database of audience behavior and demographics.

Attend 2019 Chicken Marketing Summit

The 2019 Chicken Marketing Summit will be held at Belmond Charleston Place in Charleston, South Carolina, July 21-23. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how channels, choices and challengers influence consumers’ chicken purchasing behavior.

For more information and to attend, visit: 

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