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Survey: Consumers prefer chicken nuggets with ground bone

Respondents indicated that they liked the taste, texture and quality better, but acceptance is still a challenge.

Two-thirds of consumers chose chicken nuggets and meatballs containing processed bone mass over the conventional version, according to a survey from sensory experience development and research company Aistila.

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2022 poultry industry holiday gift guide

Celebrate the season with one of these unique purchases.

Embrace the holiday season by surprising a loved ones with a poultry-themed gift. Share your passion with friends, colleagues, and family, or treat yourself to one of these fun products. With a range of price points and options for every age group, you can put a smile on everyone’s face on your gift-gifting list this year.

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Butterball weathers inflation, avian flu for Thanksgiving

According to Butterball, avian flu has only affected 1% of their product

With global issues like inflation and highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) disrupting the supply of poultry, concerns rise over whether everyone will be able to have a turkey at their holiday table, but Butterball assures there will be enough of their turkeys to go around.

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UPSIDE Foods cultivated chicken receives first FDA approval

The meat alternative must now get the green light from the USDA before it can be made available to consumers.

UPSIDE Foods received preliminary approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), signaling that the agency accepts that the company’s cultivated chicken is safe to eat. This is the first regulatory approval for any cultivated meat in the U.S.

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