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Tyson Foods: Expect more plant-based protein innovations

Tyson President Dean Banks says there is a big gap to fill between those who eat plant-based proteins and those who say they would be willing to eat them
Tyson Foods President Dean Banks believes plant-based protein products have a lot of potential, and he spoke of ways the company intends to meet consumer demands for such products.
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Chicken Sandwich Wars increase demand for smaller chickens

Broilers under 4.25 pounds requires less labor to prepare, quick service chains say.
In 2019, quick service brands battled for fried chicken supremacy, capturing consumer attention throughout the country. The so-called Chicken Sandwich Wars led to a preference for little chickens, whose quarter-pound breasts fit nicely in a bun.
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One in four Americans ate less meat last year

Alternative proteins only a small reason for the change, according to a Gallup poll.
A quarter of Americans (23%) have cut back on the amount the meat they ate over the last 12 months, citing health concerns, reports a new poll from Gallup. Most respondents (72%) said they ate the same amount of meat, while only 5% reported eating more meat in the past year than in previous years.
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Popeyes sales surged in fourth quarter of 2019

Parent company’s CEO says quick service restaurant industry has ‘never seen the kind of guest response for a single product launch’ like the Popeyes chicken sandwich
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen saw its sales surge in 2019, particularly in the fourth quarter, when the quick service restaurant chain relaunched its popular chicken sandwich.
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