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Influencer’s carnivore diet experiment disappoints

Alyse Parker said she felt healthier after only eating meat and poultry products, but she also perpetuated stereotypes about animal agriculture production
Online influencer Alyse Parker, a former vegan, conducted an experiment in which she ate only meat and eggs over a 30-day period.
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Marfrig Global Foods launches plant-based burger

Revolution Burger will be sold at retailers and foodservice chains
Marfrig Global Foods is launching its proprietary brand of plant-based burgers, the Revolution Burger. The brand will be sold at retailers and in foodservice chains.
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Find out what’s next for the poultry industry

A new newsletter from WATT Global Media covers the intersection of technology and consumer trends.
Advances in big data analytics, artificial intelligence, gene editing and other new technologies are changing how poultry are raised – and even bigger innovations are on the horizon.
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Egg sector must play greater role in consumer education

If the egg industry fails to play a stronger role in consumer education, we will all pay a price for well-intended, but misguided, changes in consumer behaviors.
Without better education from the egg sector, today's consumers may fail to recognize the very food that offers them exactly what they are looking for.
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