Pava-Pava turkey products are now being offered in recyclable packaging.

The change to recyclable packaging materials, which was adopted this month, is expected to reduce plastic waste by as much as four metric tons per month.

Pava-Pava is the key brand of Tambov Turkey, a joint venture between Russia’s Cherkizovo Group and Spain’s Grupo Fuertes.

Currently, about 60% of Pava-Pava products are being sold in the recyclable tray packaging. Previously, the brand used polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an almost unrecyclable material in Russia. In place of PVC, polyethelene terephthalate (PET) is being used. PET can be partially salvaged and then recycled by specialist companies.


According to the 2019 GfK Plastic Study, plastic waste worries 65% of Russians. The GfK Consumer Life study reported that 59% of respondents believe brands and companies should take responsibility for protecting the environment.

“As a modern brand, Pava-Pava shares consumers’ concern for the environment and shifting to recyclable trays is testimony to this. What’s more, we are now looking to see what other packaging items we can switch to recyclable materials. Caring for the environment is extremely important to us, and we will be devoting ever more attention to it in the future,” said Victoria Baltais, marketing director for Fresh Products at Cherkizovo Group.

Cherkizovo Group, which is Russia’s largest poultry producer, stated that it strives to use only the best packaging, in environmental, quality and safety terms. To optimize its purchases and supplier selection, the company uses its very own Cherkizovo Lab, where extensive research is carried out into plastic films, trays, boxes, and transportation materials. Adopting high-quality modern packaging helps to increase the Company's geographical reach and boost customer loyalty.

Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes formed Tambov Turkey in 2014. All of the brand’s turkeys are grown on modern farms in Russia’s Tambov region.