New technologies are being developed and adopted faster than ever, while at the same time consumer concerns over things like sustainability, impact of food on human health, and animal welfare are of increasing importance for consumers. The future of the global poultry industry will be found where changing consumer demands intersect with emerging technologies. Poultry Future, a newsletter from WATT Global Media, will explore new technologies through the lens of consumer trends to provide insight into whether these developments will be technically feasible, economically practical and be accepted by consumers.

Executives, marketers and technology professionals throughout the poultry supply chain are busier than ever. Poultry Future provides the information and analysis about things that will impact the future of the poultry supply chain in short articles that can be read and acted upon quickly.

Poultry Future will provide an advanced look at how poultry will be raised, processed, marketed and distributed in the future. New technologies to improve bird performance and welfare outcomes for turkeys, broilers and layers will be investigated. The impact of consumer trends for cage-free eggs, free-range eggs, poultry meat raised-without-antibiotics, and slower-growing or heritage breeds will be evaluated.

Here are some articles included in the first edition of Poultry Future:

Corn-based feed additive to boost poultry feed conversion, performance

How genetic editing may transform the poultry industry

Viral marketing fuels Popeye’s sandwich relaunch success

WATT Global Media’s international editorial team collectively has over 100 years of experience serving the poultry industry. Poultry Future provides insight, guided by experience, into what’s next for the poultry supply chain.

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