Like everyone, I think this issue of the coronavirus is starting to get tiresome. All day, in all the news, COVID-19 is covered to the point of people being fed up. But, I can't get away from thinking and writing about it, or worrying about it. That being the case, here are some points that I put in contrast, which may be interesting, and others that are even comical.

Here are some examples of impacts on our industry:

  • As reported by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) late last week, May corn futures were 3.7% higher as agricultural commodities have rallied following previous week’s coronavirus-inspired selloff.
  • Likewise, supply and demand for corn hasn't changed since coronavirus spread outside China, but global market selloffs have pressured futures just the same.
  • Due to the coronavirus, Evonik has just stated a force majeure to close down the contractor's production facilities, so threonine, the third limiting amino acid in poultry nutrition, will not be produced or shipped.

On the other hand, I see the following:

  • In more affected countries, supermarket shelves look half empty, with no food (although there is no toilet paper either). There are just few value-added chicken products in refrigerators, but many pizzas. There is no tuna, but there is broccoli. Broccoli?
  • In the traditional market there are almost no chicken breasts, people take them away and perhaps store them. At least we are eating chicken.
  • There are few cage-free eggs, but there are enough traditional eggs from caged birds. I guess people think they are healthier. Evidently you need to eat healthy if you get sick.
  • When paying at the supermarket, I was forced to put the money in a tray, so that the cashier could take it from there, which I did not understand, since the focus of contamination is the money itself, not the fact I’m giving it directly to her/his hand. Also, the cashier had gloves. Notwithstanding, the man selling fresh chicken did not wash his hands after taking money from the previous customer and cut my chicken.

In contrast to the remaining supply of value-added chicken products at the supermarket, single chicken breasts are in short supply amid coronavirus fears. (Benjamin Ruiz)

Today, I woke up with the cancellation of flights from Europe to the United States. And a long etcetera. I wonder: How are we going to do to meet people's needs? There is only one thing that is quite certain: as far as I can remember, the world has never closed ranks as strong as with the COVID-19. Not with cancer, AIDS, Ebola, or even with smoking or drugs. And there are many deaths caused by all these illnesses or habits.

What do you think?

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