Ever since the whole chicken sandwich craze started nearly two years ago, I’ve been wondering something: will there also be a turkey sandwich craze?

In my household, there is such a craze. Now, if only the turkey sandwich craze could go nationwide.

I’ve stated in an earlier blog that there are few things in life my youngest son likes more than a Popeyes chicken sandwich, and while I still believe this to be true, there’s a new player in the quest for the best sandwich.

But rather than being sold at a chain with a national presence, these sandwiches are sold at a small business in a rural area.

Not too far from where I live, there is a predominantly Amish community with a number of businesses. One of them is a bulk food store, where you can buy all sorts of snacks and ingredients in bulk. You can get flour, noodles, banana chips, chocolate chips … you name it. One day, my son came home from school and said a classmate of his was talking about these amazing sandwiches sold at this bulk food store.

We decided to give it a try near the back of the store was a deli counter where the sandwiches were served. And amazing these sandwiches were. They had a good variety of meats available, and he got a turkey sandwich. So did I, but he got his cold and I got mine toasted.

I love a good turkey sandwich. It’s kind of my lunchmeat of choice, and it’s frequently what I order when at Subway, McAlister's Deli or Firehouse Subs, but I still like other meats too.

Well, since that time, we’ve been back for sandwiches at the bulk food store on several occasions, and while I’ve been tempted to try a roast beef sandwich or ham sandwich, that turkey sandwich was just too good to not get again.

Because of expected significant turkey supply challenges being brought on by the avian influenza outbreak, now might not be the right time to start a major turkey sandwich craze. However, I have long thought that turkey should have a much stronger presence on restaurant menus than it does.

Maybe those in the restaurant industry can use this downtime in supply to start developing a new turkey sandwich, and then when it is known that there will be a steady supply of turkey, these new sandwiches can be launched.

That would sure make this turkey fan happy.