Top 10 poultry consumer trends of 2020

Here are the 10 most-read consumer trends articles of 2020.

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Here are the 10 most-read consumer trends articles of 2020:

1.McDonald’s adds spicy chicken nuggets to menu in September

Under increasing pressure to release a competitive chicken product, McDonald’s is putting a spicy spin on an old classic beginning September 16.

2.Will the US experience another COVID-related shutdown? (blog)

Politics aside, with flu season coming, another shutdown may be ahead and could impact poultry and egg production

3.COVID-19 raises questions about egg market, boosts meat sales (blog)

Multiple reports indicate that sales are up, but what does that mean for the cage-free egg market and how long will meat sales be this high?

4.Wayne Farms chicken so popular it backs up traffic (blog)

Because of shortage of chicken at grocery stores amid COVID-19 pandemic, Wayne Farms holds a drive-through sale that attracted huge number of shoppers

5.Shaq’s Big Chicken opens second fast casual restaurant

The brand, owned by the legendary basketball player, also has a location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

6.How COVID-19 will change poultry consumption patterns (blog)

The disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus have accelerated trends already happening in the poultry market, but also added some new dimensions.

7.Cage-free transition financially and logistically impossible

Chad Gregory, president of UEP, explains that more than 171 million hens are still needed to meet cage-free pledges made by grocery stores

8. Popeyes brings popular chicken sandwich to Canada

Online promotion gave 144 superfans the chance to buy the sandwich two days earlier than everyone else.

9. CFO of Cal-Maine addresses egg market during COVID-19

Egg prices are incredibly high due to the increase in demand related to COVID-19; Max Bowman of Cal-Maine addresses the situation and what he projects will come next

10.Chicken prices rise as consumers stay home during COVID-19

Market should remain strong if industry addresses possible labor and supply challenges, CoBank says.

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