Top 10 poultry consumer trends of 2021

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Here are the 10 most-read consumer trends articles of 2021:

1. Pickle shortage slows Burger King chicken sandwich release

Burger King may have to delay the promised release date of their new chicken sandwich due to a pickle jar shortage in the Midwest U.S.

2. 6 consumer trend predictions for a post-pandemic world

Consumer habits and behavior changed dramatically in 2020. Which trends are expected to continue post-COVID-19?

3. Cal-Maine Foods on cage-free conversion, pasture-raised hens

"We believe this cage-free conversion is a big opportunity," said the company's CEO, Dolph Baker.

4. Is the U.S. experiencing a fried chicken shortage?

Foodservice in the U.S. is undergoing another major supply chain shortage, this time for chicken, according to reports from several major news outlets.

5. Cage-free legislation is a logistical nightmare for retailers (blog)

HSUS is aware of this and I think it is probably part of its strategy.

6. VIDEO: What to expect for the US egg industry in 2021

Are better times ahead for egg producers or will the year bring more challenges? Chad Gregory, president and CEO of UEP gives his perspective.

7. KFC pauses ads for boneless chicken due to supply shortage

KFC is temporarily halting TV advertisements promoting the quick service restaurant chain’s boneless products due to a U.S. chicken shortage.

8. McDonald’s Canada temporarily changes chicken suppliers

McDonald’s Canada said it will temporarily source the patties for its McChicken sandwiches from another supplier, and in the process the meat used in the sandwich will for the time being no longer be from chicken raised without antibiotics.

9. Humane Group: White striping found in 99% of retail chicken

The vast majority of chicken sold at supermarkets in the U.S. is impacted by white striping, claims a new report from the Humane League.

10. Popeyes begins tests of blackened chicken sandwich

Popeyes quietly debuted a Blackened Chicken Sandwich on online menus in select markets this week. The new sandwich comes two years after the launch of the brand’s popular chicken sandwich, which resulted in a battle of the quick service chicken sandwiches.


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