Peyton Manning loves his chicken parmesan sandwiches

Professional football legend Peyton Manning is part of a seemingly growing list of famous people with an affinity for poultry products.

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Peyton Manning (Alexeeys | Bigstock)
Peyton Manning (Alexeeys | Bigstock)

Professional football legend Peyton Manning is part of a seemingly growing list of famous people with an affinity for poultry products.

Manning, who retired from the National Football League (NFL) after having been the quarterback of two winning Super Bowl championship teams, has quite a fondness for chicken parmesan sandwiches. Actually, if you search the internet, you might actually think that it is not so much a fondness as it is an obsession.

And Manning recently shared the recipe for his favorite sandwich with People.

In describing the sandwich, Manning said: “It’s the perfect blend of all things. You need a quality sub with a bit of crunch and a strong chicken-to-sauce-to-cheese ratio, and you’re set.”

When a person throws out phrases like “chicken-to-sauce-to-cheese ratio,” how could you not want to try one of these sandwiches? Perhaps my colleagues at WATT Global Media might want to enlist him as a speaker at an upcoming Chicken Marketing Summit.

But let me get back to Manning's favorite sandwich.

I must try one

So Manning had me when he talked about the aforementioned ratio. But even without that phrasing, I would want one. After all, if truth be told, I’ve been craving more chicken parmesan-style sandwiches ever since I struggled to get a Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich during a fairly recent trip to Wendy’s.

However, something about Manning liking them I suspect would make others want one.

While I respect Manning’s athletic talents and his accomplishments on the gridiron, its his off-the-field endeavors that make me like him. Not just a one-dimensional athlete, he isn’t afraid to put himself out there and be a bit goofy, too.

Think about it, the guy and country musician Brad Paisley essentially played with dollhouses to promote an insurance company.

Incidentally, I read that Paisley said Manning “ruined” chicken parmesan sandwiches for him, but Paisley is just one person and I won’t let his experiences influence mine.

Poultry industry should celebrate celebrity endorsements

If you are in the poultry industry, you should be pleased that a person of Manning’s fame is so enthusiastic about chicken parmesan sandwiches.

But it isn’t just Manning who likes poultry. Let’s look at other famous people who have such an affinity for poultry:

  • Britney Spears compared a chicken and turkey sandwich from Schlotzky’s to God.
  • Courteney Cox is proud of her turkey burgers, despite Laura Dern’s criticism of her cooking.
  • Matt Damon, in an effort to trim down, once adopted a chicken-only diet.
  • Paula Abdul thought so highly of Jennie-O Turkey Store’s products that she performed on the company’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.
  • Mike Pompeo said eating egg whites and turkey bacon has helped him obtain a more healthy physique.
  • Julia Butters would rather brown-bag it with a turkey sandwich than risk eating pretentious Hollywood food.
  • And Megan Thee Stallion loves that chicken from Popeyes so much that she helped develop a special “Hottie Sauce” for the chain.

I’m sure the list can go on, but suffice it to say, a lot of influential people love chicken, turkey and eggs.

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