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NCC calls on FDA to change policies, alleviate egg prices

The policy in question forces U.S. producers to dispose of surplus broiler eggs that could be used in liquid egg products.

U.S. trade association National Chicken Council (NCC) submitted a request to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encouraging it to change a policy that requires broiler surplus hatching eggs to be disposed of.

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Automation could ease environmental monitoring in poultry

Technology that creates a virtual layout of your poultry or egg processing plant can identify microbial hotspots and help producers review large amounts of data at once.

A software that digitalizes environmental monitoring programs in poultry or egg processing plants can visually show producers where microbial hotspots are in their facilities, making issues easier to address and reducing the amount of labor needed for data review.

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Egg counter camera placement matters for accurate totals

A counter system with an elevated camera can increase the accuracy of a producer’s egg count and better demonstrate a layer house’s productivity level.

An egg counter system with an elevated camera could provide more accurate egg count data, aid producers in decision-making and require less cleaning and maintenance.

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Altering the egg microbiome can improve chick health

Leveraging the eggshell microbiome can influence a chick’s gastrointestinal tract and produce a healthier bird.

Manipulating the eggshell by applying a nutritional egg coating in the hatchery introduces probiotic bacteria to a developing chick from the outside of the egg, which can help generate a better immune system and gut health.

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