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Cal-Maine Foods to acquire Mahard Egg Farm assets

Under agreement, Cal-Maine would acquire facilities in Texas and Oklahoma
Cal-Maine Foods has reached a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Mahard Egg Farm, relating to its commercial shell egg production, processing, distribution and sale of shell eggs business.
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1st World Egg Day China event set for October 11

The theme for the event is “Speak for Life Protein”
Initiated by LyJa Media, publisher of Poultry International China magazine -- allied with the International Egg Commission (IEC), the China National System for Layer Production Technology (NSLPT), and China’s Top Egg Producers -- launched the "World Egg China Day” event, scheduled for October 11.
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How layer vaccination can effectively control Salmonella

Vaccination programs using live vaccines and inactivated bacterins have become important components of the egg industry's Salmonella control programs.
Producers have invested heavily in the past to reduce the incidences of Salmonella Enteriditis (SE) in table eggs with refrigeration, improved cleaning and disinfection of facilities, enhanced biosecurity, better pest control, testing, and record-keeping. An additional option that has widely been included in SE control programs has been the use of live Salmonella vaccines and inactivated bacterins.
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Cal-Maine faces $45.8 million loss in first quarter

Costs related to decommissioning old facilities and ramping up specialty egg production impact bottom line
Cal-Maine Foods reported a $45.8 million loss for the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, citing costs related to decommissioning some of its older, less efficient production facilities as it continues to invest in facilities for the production of cage-free and other specialty eggs.
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