February exports of U.S. eggs, shell eggs and egg products have improved from both the previous month and year-over-year, according to the USDA Livestock and Meat Trade Data report, released on April 8.

U.S. egg exports were recorded at 21.5 million dozen in February, compared to 19.6 million in January, and 19.8 million in February 2012. The biggest monthly gain was made with exports to Japan, which went up by nearly 400,000 dozen. Nearly 760 thousand dozen more eggs were exported to countries other than the top importing nations.

Shell egg exports increased by about 30,000 dozen from January, but by 1.7 million from the same period a year ago. The biggest monthly gain was made with exports to Canada, which went up by more than 400,000 dozen.

Egg product exports went up by 1.75 million dozen from January, but improved only slightly from the February 2012. Mexico and United Kingdom were the countries where exports gained the most for the month.

Imports of eggs, shell eggs and egg products were down when compared to figures from both one month ago and one year ago.


Broiler exports

U.S. broiler exports in February saw a significant gain from January, jumping up from 519.8 million pounds to 588.4 million pounds. When compared to February 2012, broiler exports dropped by about 48 million pounds.

Turkey exports

February U.S. turkey exports were up by 4.4 million pounds, when compared to January, but they still lagged behind the February 2012 figures, seeing a drop from above 62 million pounds to 60.7 million pounds.