World Egg Day, the Quality Standards of a Wonderful Egg was successfully released on October 9 in Beijing to celebrate the World Egg China Day (WECD) 2020.

The Wonderful Egg Alliance was also founded by nine core member companies of WECD in this conference. More than 200 guests from relevant fields of the egg production industry witnessed this groundbreaking moment.

Lyja Media – Poultry International China launched the WECD Promotion Alliance jointly with International Egg Commission (IEC), China National System for Layer Production Technology and eight Chinese core brand egg enterprises on Oct. 10, 2019, last year’s World Egg Day. This year, under the theme of “A Wonderful Egg -- for A Brilliant Future,” WECD Promotion Alliance members spoke together for ‘A Wonderful Egg’ and sare dedicated to egg scientific production, egg nutrition, food safety and social responsibilities.

The Quality Standards of a Wonderful Egg was initiated by members of this WECD Promotion Alliance and drafted and applied by China National System for Layer Production Technology (NSLPT) which also made a clear definition for “A Wonderful Egg.” The definition is: good quality table eggs that are sold in package and produced under high quality standards and safety requirements with the whole production and processing process, from farm to table, traceable.

The detailed quality standards of “a Wonderful Egg” were presented by Mrs. Zheng Jiangxia, Secretary-General of World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) and associate professor of China Agricultural University. She addressed the standards from production stage requirements, quality indexes, safety indexes, logo and labels, as well as requirements on packaging, transportation and storage conditions.


Co-founder memberships of “A Wonderful Egg” quality standards were also awarded to the following 9 core member companies of WECD in this conference by Christoffer Ernst, chairman of membership of IEC, and Yang Ning, Chief Scientist of NSLPT, president of WPSA and professor of China Agricultural University:

  • Beijing CP Egg Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Sichuan Sundaily Farm Ecological Food Co., Ltd.
  • Guizhou Phoenix Ecological Agriculture Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Dalian Hanwei Chicken Farming Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Shendan Health Food Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Hongxuan Ecological Agriculture Co. Ltd.
  • Fujian Guangyang Egg Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Tiancheng Science Group Co. Ltd.

It’s the right time to release this standard

“The Quality Standards of A Wonderful Egg is a good medicine to solve the problems in current egg production in China. It will not only help consumers on how to correctly choose egg products, but also be the key factor to promote a healthy development of China’s layer industry,” said by He Xintian, executive vice president and secretary-general of China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA).

Professor Yang Ning, chief scientist of NSLPT and president of WPSA, commented: “The Quality Standards of A Wonderful Egg will inspire egg producers to exercise their flexibility and autonomy, and will also help build a healthy industry image. As the consumption upgrades continue to accelerate in China, the release time of this quality standard is just at the right moment, not too earlier, not too late, it’s just a matter of course, and this makes it easier to get correct understanding by consumers.”

“The release of ‘A Wonderful Egg’ quality standards and the World Egg China Day event are to re-awaken consumers’ recognition to eggs and promote a scientific consumption of eggs by popularizing egg knowledge, so as to drive the upgrade of China’s egg industry and the brand building of egg producers.” said by Li Dingding, general manager of Lyja Media, the organizer of this conferencez. “In the meantime, the release of the standard will also make consumers to further understand the social responsibility of egg producers. The Wonderful Egg Alliance hopes that the members will give back to China’s egg industry and bring more benefits to more consumers.”

A series of charity activities initiated by the WECD Promotion Alliance under the theme of “A Wonderful Egg -- for A Brilliant Future” were also officially kicked off in this year. Alliance enterprises practiced their corporate social responsibilities by donating necessary living materials and providing innovative science education for needy children and left-behind children to help them see a bright future.