Top 10 poultry technology trends of 2020

Here are the 10 most-read new technology articles of 2020.

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Here are the 10 most-read new technology articles of 2020:

1.Pig coronavirus easily spreads to chickens, turkeys

An infectious zoonotic disease that can be deadly to pigs is easily transmitted between swine and poultry, according to a new study published in the journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases.

2.How COVID-19 might reshape the poultry industry

The disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus are acting to speed up changes that were already occurring in poultry industry and that should result in a more resilient sector.

3.Chicken antibodies help fight against COVID-19

One egg can produce enough for 1,000 diagnostic tests.

4.How the poultry industry can use COVID-19 to its advantage

The novel coronavirus pandemic offers a number of lessons that could be to the long-term benefit of chicken and egg producers.

5.Study: Chickens, pigs not susceptible to COVID-19

Neither farm animal poses a risk to human health because of the virus, research says.

6. 3 poultry health innovations poised to disrupt the industry

A new biotherapeutic, in vivo testing methodology and software platform could transform flock management.

7. 5 poultry innovations ready to change the industry in 2021

Technologies that could disrupt future production and processing operations.

8. Could copper help replace antibiotic use in broilers?

Feed additive could prevent bacterial reproduction in birds.

9. Tyson explains use of walk-through temperature scanners

Company is in the process of is installing more than 150 infrared temperature scanners in its production facilities.

10. What avian infectious bronchitis, COVID-19 have in common

The two coronaviruses cause upper respiratory diseases in the animals they infect.

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