Communication tips to help chicken brands succeed post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic gave both opportunity and pressure to food producers looking to communicate and engage with consumers.

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The COVID-19 pandemic gave both opportunity and pressure to food producers looking to communicate and engage with consumers.

“Brands that succeeded did so by being well prepared to shift to meet new demands – especially in the pivot from foodservice to at-home cooking,” Hinda Mitchell, president, Inspire PR Group, said. 

“But what was more important was that some brands also earned the trust and confidence of consumers by staying engaged and relevant, demonstrating a commitment to caring and to doing the right thing, whether by supporting hunger relief or by accommodating the unique concerns of their employee teams.”

Mitchell will take a closer look at the successes and failures of last year and provide a go-forward communications approach to leverage the best learnings of the pandemic at the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit.

Make plans to attend the 2021 edition of Chicken Marketing Summit scheduled for July 18-20, 2021 at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Registration is now open with early savings available.

Frame conversations around values and needs

“This public health crisis illuminated for many brands – not just food brands – the necessity of framing conversations with consumers around their values and needs. That is a lesson that chicken brands can take forward in their marketing programs,” explained Mitchell.

Prior to the pandemic, consumers placed a high value on buying from brands they trust. Other important values include sustainability, animal welfare, health and other claims-based marketing. 

Find consumers where they are

“The last year also underscored the benefits of communicating with food consumers where they are – in their communities, with their families and of course, in their kitchens,” Mitchell said.

In 2020, consumers thought about food differently. They cooked at home more, experimented with new recipes and bought foods in new ways through curbside, delivery and online.

Many of these changes are expected to continue to have an impact post-pandemic.

“The bottom line is, if we can meet consumers on their terms, where they are right now, brands can win,” she concluded.

Attend the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit

The 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit will be held at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida on July 18-20. This year, the conference will shine a light on what consumers will be looking for in the post-pandemic world and how poultry marketers can find success in the marketplace.

For more information and to attend, visit:

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