Popeyes spices things up with TRUFF Chicken Sandwich

The new sandwich lineup features spicy mayo made with truffles.

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Louisiana-inspired fried chicken chain, Popeyes, is adding a new twist on spicy to its menu with its TRUFF Chicken Sandwich, according to The Fast Food Post.

What is TRUFF?

TRUFF makes hot sauces with a unique ingredient: truffles. Using black and white truffles, the company also makes oil, mayo, pasta sauce and salt.

According to the company’s website, TRUFF hot sauce “tastes like if truffle and sriracha had a baby.”

The hot sauce has been featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, CNN and more.

The TRUFF Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes will be launching eight new chicken sandwiches that feature TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo at participating locations in Connecticut and North Carolina.

The Crispy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich is a classic fried chicken sandwich on a brioche bun with pickles.

Similar to the crispy sandwich, the Blackened TRUFF Chicken Sandwich patty is fried without breading.

The Crispy TRUFF Cheese Chicken Sandwich takes the classic sandwich and adds Havarti cheese.

And the Crispy TRUFF Bacon Chicken Sandwich adds applewood smoked bacon.

The Crispy TRUFF Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich comes with both bacon and Havarti cheese.

The cheese, bacon, and bacon and cheese sandwiches can also be ordered as a blackened sandwich rather than crispy.

TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo is made with red jalapeños and black winter truffles.

It is unknown when or if the new lineup of sandwiches will be available nationwide. 

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