The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically shifted consumer behavior when it comes to how and where they purchase chicken. Successful brands will find the most effective ways to tell their stories during these times of transition.

“Storytelling isn’t only rooted in our DNA, but our brains respond differently to stories versus facts. If companies and brands want to create brand love and connection, they must learn to tell their stories better,” explained Lexann Reischl, Opera House Communications & Advocacy LLC, and Megan Ernst, Wayne Farms LLC.

Reischl and Ernst will discuss the best ways brands can find, rewrite and frame stories without abandoning values during turbulent times on June 24 at 10:00 a.m. CDT during How storytelling can grow a chicken brand during transition. The webinar, proudly sponsored by Zoetis, is the sixth in the Chicken Marketing Summit series.

Free registration for the event is now open.

Trust is crucial

Nearly 90% of people surveyed by market research company Cone Communications said they would purchase a product because a company supported an issue they valued. More importantly, 75% of respondents indicated they would refuse to buy from a company that supports an issue contrary to their own belief.

“Consumers want to buy from those they know and trust. Trust is the ultimate glue that attaches consumers to the brands they love. It’s at the core and serves as a basis for any relationship,” Reischl and Ernst said.


“The faster a brand builds that trust, the faster trust converts into real dollars and loyalty for the brand. Today’s consumers don’t only buy products—they buy an entire relationship with the brands they know and trust.”

Be true to your brand

Companies need to evaluate their own policies and principles before they can tell stories well that are true to their brand.

“It’s especially important during times of change that brands remind themselves of who they are and why they exist. Brands should learn to revisit their ‘why’ — their purpose and reason for being — and look to it as a beacon, especially during times of change,” Reischl and Ernst added.

“Brands should also revisit their values often. Values and purpose are stabilizing factors that ground companies and brands. These serve as reminders of ‘why’ their consumers engaged in the first place.”

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