Keeping up with newly developed technologies and advances in scientific innovation is key to making poultry production and processing safer, more efficient and better able to meet changes in consumer demand.

At the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit, scheduled for October 30 – November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, you can preview the innovations and technologies set to transform the poultry industry. This event is the only one of its kind being offered to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, venture capitalists and producers looking for new projects and investments to fund.

Registration is now open.

Here’s a preview of the exciting innovations and technologies that you can learn about at the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit:

  1. Egg yolk feed additive could boost poultry immune response
  2. Would better poultry biosecurity prevent avian influenza?
  3. VIDEO: Automated weighing can help the entire poultry supply chain
  4. Smart poultry house ventilation could optimize energy use
  5. Traceability in poultry transport can improve biosecurity
  6. VIDEO: Is the egg microbiome key to healthier chicks?
  7. Can computer vision streamline egg counting, weighing?
  8. Approach could reduce pathogens in poultry scalders
  9. VIDEO: Biosensors could better detect poultry pathogens
  10. Machine vision could improve cage-free layer welfare
  11. Overhead utilities could fix poultry’s automation woes
  12. VIDEO: Vaccine can protect against poultry enteric pathogens
  13. Can poultry future-proof against changing consumer demand?
  14. Optical sorting could accurately sex broiler chicks
  15. VIDEO: How CRISPR-SeroSeq could improve food safety in poultry
  16. Cooler transport temperatures could benefit poultry welfare
  17. More sustainable feed could be key to climate smart poultry
  18. VIDEO: SMART Broiler welfare initiative enters new phase

Attend the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit

Join an exclusive international gathering of industry-changing innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, technology experts, investors and leading poultry producers at the 2022 edition of Poultry Tech Summit on October 30 - November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Attendees can expect the same groundbreaking innovation and insightful presentations that made the previous events well-attended with deep dialogue on new prospective solutions and next-generation technologies. Poultry Tech Summit focuses on the transition of innovative technologies into commercial applications to advance the poultry industry. 

Registration is now open.