Cargill introduces feed additive in China and India

Cargill’s animal nutrition business recently introduced PROMOTE Biacid Nucleus in China for poultry producers seeking better gut health and performance from their chickens.

Cargill’s animal nutrition business recently introduced PROMOTE® Biacid™ Nucleus in China for poultry producers seeking better gut health and performance from their chickens. Part of the PROMOTE range of additives offered through the Provimi brand, Biacid Nucleus is an extension of the Biacid product line, which was designed to promote robust feed efficiency in poultry through improved gut functionality. 

Biacid Nucleus is a proprietary mixture of seven carefully selected essential oil compounds proven to be beneficial for poultry gut health. The product continues to be used by producers looking for consistent response and improved performance while reducing or removing antibiotic growth promoters. More than 11 comprehensive international in vitro and in vivo trials conducted at Cargill’s Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Velddriel, The Netherlands and field trials conducted at three Technology Application Centers (TACs) in Jordan, France and Poland have demonstrated that including this antibiotic alternative in poultry diets can yield the following:

  • Created an attractive return on investment (ROI) of 5:1 for poultry producers
  • Improved feed conversion rate (FCR) by 1.5 percent on overall period (and up to 3 percent in pre-starter/starter phase)
  • Increased body weight gain (BWG) of 2 percent on overall period
  • Boosted efficacy under both non-antibiotic and antibiotic conditions

“The development of a healthy digestive system is essential to ensuring optimum bird performance,” said StĂ©phanie Ladirat, global technology lead for gut health additives in Cargill’s animal nutrition business.  “Biacid Nucleus works by stimulating the chickens’ digestive functions and by supporting the gut microbiota balance. Ultimately, this provides better body weight gain and an improved feed conversation rate.”

Biacid Nucleus may be used in addition to antibiotic treatments, but it is a trusted solution to promote poultry performance and gut health in antibiotic-free environments, demonstrated by its success since its launch in Europe 15 years ago. A recent trial performed in France in January 2015, demonstrated how Biacid Nucleus surpasses competing essential oil-based and gut health products on the market. Birds given the product in combination with an antibiotic-free diet improved weight gain by 2 percent and feed conversion rate by 1.6 percent. In addition, the bird mortality was reduced by 0.5 percent, allowing producers to receive a ROI of 5:1.

“Customers in China clearly understand the benefits of including Biacid Nucleus in their birds’ diets – it’s been available in the market for only three months and we’ve already seen a strong demand and sales volume,” said Ladirat.

The Biacid product line, including Biacid Nucleus, is currently available in China and more than 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Central America. The product will launch in India this month.

 For optimal results, please contact your local nutrition expert to develop a customized feeding program to suit your specific environment, business goals and local regulations.

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