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Antibiotic-Free Meat

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The next phase of the poultry nutritional health market

The range of poultry nutritional health productions has grown significantly over the last two decades, but it will be their precise application that will really change producers’ fortunes.

The next stage of the market for poultry nutritional health products will not be characterized by more products but by their precise application.

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Can poultry future-proof against changing consumer demand?

The biggest opportunities for turkey and broiler producers will come from creative innovation.

Continuous improvements in bird health and performance metrics along with great taste and versatility have combined to make poultry meat the world’s most consumed meat. However, what some consumers, regulators and NGOs are asking for is changing. 

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Trouw opens new Poultry Health and Nutrition Unit in Spain

Offering simulated climates and the latest technology, the addition to Trouw Nutrition’s Poultry Science Centre aims to work with poultry producers to raise output and sustainably.

A new research unit established by Trouw Nutrition will help farmers to feed flocks highly specific diets, raising output while reducing the need to administer antibiotics.

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Cutting ABs in poultry production fostering innovation

Different countries are at different stages in their journey to antibiotic-free poultry production or production with prudent use, but common to all are new ways of working and flock management.
Adoption of prudent use and antibiotic free poultry production is progressing at varying speeds around the world and bringing with it new approaches to protecting poultry gut health.
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